Artist Statement

Being creative has always been an important part of my life. I scribbled in my first books. My dear Grandmother, who always encouraged me, saved one for posterity. In my coloring books, I went outside the lines and enhanced the pages with anything extra that would fit in the space; like the sun, a moon, flowers and animals. As a grade school student, the teachers asked me to decorate the bulletin boards and I made my own paper dolls. In high school I took art as an elective and designed all the posters and signs for school events. I majored in art in college.

90% of my art work has a much deeper meaning than meets the eye. This layered approach to art has helped me explore a portion of my psyche, or heal a part of my life. As a reflection of this depth, most of my art has a written story, a poem or haiku that accompanies it. One of my pieces, the soft sculpture soul totem called, "Teacher Becomes the Student," has an entire book written about it.

Art is a creative outlet for me to explore the unspoken undercurrents, or difficult to express background stories, which influence my life. When teaching art to others, my goal is to awaken that spark of playfulness, the willingness to let go, and the ability to trust, that is inherent in the process. If a student has the desire, I encourage introspection to create a more meaningful piece of art. Having an experience of these qualities enhances every life in so many ways. I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I know, and learn as I go.

personal totems
personal masks

mixed media
dyed silk
fabric design
soft sculpture
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